Technology potentials

Using innovative technologies

Innovative technologies like IoT, KI, AR/VR and Blockchain will help you generate further growth. We implement these technologies into your existing structure, keeping your business model up to date. Our dynamic and extensive start up network allows us to develop disruptive technologies and keeps us up to date considering any technological progress. Our goal is to share this knowledge with our clients so their business can further thrive.

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Understanding digital technologies
It is most important to keep up with new technologies in order to stay up to date with competitors and keep customers satisfied. We help you to understand and implement new and innovative technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT et cetera. Our personal approach is using specialised tools to track, transcript and explain relevant technologies for your company.
Market environment business potentials
We offer individual workshops, which will help you to understand the potential of existing technologies which are relevant for your company and create a technologic vision for the future. We demonstrate opportunities in comparison to your competitive market environment using best practice examples. The screening process will also present potential risks making sure you take advantage of the existing technological opportunities.
Start-up and innovation days
Technological progress also increases pressure to perform, both for companies and their employees. Intelligent data processing and modern statistical methods lead to a measurable performance of every part of the company increasing long term efficiency. As part of innovation and start-up days we connect customers with partners of our network to create a lively exchange regarding innovative technologies. At the same time we provide an outlook into the future by analyzing technological progress. At the end of the workshop we release an individual forecast concerning your business model.
Building and specifying use cases
Our user driven approach regards each new project or business model from a user perspective. With the help of data based decisions, we develop use-cases which are being used to examine your product and business model. Hence you can be sure your market launch will be smooth and successful.
Proof-of-concept and in-house prototype development
We use a customer specific proof of concept and prototype in a lean start-up approach, which provides early customer feedback to predict customer expectations and general market acceptance. As a result of this dynamic and flexible user oriented process we are able to provide early adjustments keeping your business model up to date.