Future-proof and flexible IT-solutions

The optimization of IT automatically leads to an improved digitalization of internal processes. We take care of the entire process from IT consulting to IoT, artificial intelligence and cyber security.

We help to localize relevant technologies and subsequently create a comprehensive concept of how we can sensibly implement the technological innovations in your company. We use tools that are tailored to your individual needs or use your tools to accelerate internal processes.

Our goal: Together with the customer, we create user-friendly prototypes and complex systems and focus on long-term cooperation.

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Mobile Apps
Mobile application development is the process of creating software applications that run on a mobile device.
Mobile apps are usually programmed natively and therefore only work on one system, which is clearly different from platform-independent web, cross-platform and hybrid apps. With mobile apps, usability and performance are the main factors to consider.
Web development
Web development refers to the programming of internet applications. It is the creation or improvement of websites or web-based applications. A wide range of technologies and programming languages are used for this.
Web applications are in great demand and are therefore becoming more and more interesting. They facilitate processes through efficiency, are faster, better and cheaper to design.
Internet Of Things
With IoT, applications can be automated and tasks can be performed without external intervention. In general, Internet of Things means the networking of everyday objects. Devices (Smart Devices) are equipped with electronic intelligence for this purpose, enabling them to communicate via the Internet and perform tasks automatically. These intelligent devices are often referred to as smart devices. Both machine-to-machine communication (M2M) is possible, which means that the devices communicate with each other, as well as the operation and control of the smart devices by users in any location.
Artificial Intelligence
Through artificial intelligence (AI), the functions of the human brain are partly transferred to computers. In order to avoid constant (re)programming, AI's can answer independently, develop further and thus solve problems independently. Pattern analysis and recognition is very well known.
The corresponding programs are supposed to recognize faces and match fingerprints, but speech recognition is also part of this field. In the field of robotics, the focus is on robots that are designed to take over particularly critical and dangerous activities and to facilitate and imitate the everyday work of humans.
IT Consulting
In IT Consulting we let computer technology flow into your everyday business life. This means: When developers and engineers develop something IT consultants support the implementation and further development in the company. In concrete terms, this could be, for example, the introduction of an e-ticketing system at a transport association. Or they may be looking for new solutions for data streams for an airport operator.
Like management consultants, IT consultants also carry out quality control - but in the IT department of a corporate group. So it is their job to identify defects or weaknesses. Proposing and implementing solutions is also part of the IT consultant's job description. They are also booked to make IT-based work processes more effective. For this purpose, they simplify or improve existing applications or implement new systems.
IT Security
IT Security, or cyber security, comprises measures to protect computers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data against attacks. Whether network or program security, we are available to our customers in an advisory capacity.
Information security is also an important aspect within the company. It protects the privacy of data, both when storing and sending it. Further aspects and urgently to be considered are also operational security, disaster recovery and business continuity.