Marketing & Sales

Individual strategies

We help you to successfully place and market your products in the digital age. Our focus is to satisfy the individual customer needs, while also paying attention to the competitive situation.

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Building lead and optimizing conversion
We identify the distribution conditions of each product, to develop an individual marketing and sales strategy, which exactly meets your unique requirements. Our goal is to create organic growth and increase your conversion rate. The growing customer demands of the digital age and an intensified competition call for a responsive digital business model which is able to react to changes quickly. We analyse and optimize all sales channels and create a strategy to enhance overall performance.
Go market strategies
We define, build and improve an extensive go-market strategy plan using a customized questionnaire.
Which products or services are being offered? What is the positioning? Who is the target audience and how do we reach them?
We develop a balanced go market strategy which helps you deliver powerful messages, tailor made for your target group. Our experts determine the relevant distribution channels where go market strategic measures should be applied and manage the entire process.
Digital product strategies
A fine digital product strategy is the key for developing and marketing products. Our strategic approach specifically treats product development and product marketing as if they were a symbiotic unit instead of separating them. Hence we are able to create an individual marketing strategy while the related product is still being developed. The process helps both newcomers and well established companies to successfully transform their digital product strategy.
Product market fit
Product market fit (PMF) is an important part of building a product for a start-up, simultaneously creating a reliable basis for investors. PMF is a benchmark that signals your investors, your product has reached market maturity and is ready for launch. Our experts have developed individual and complex tests to evaluate the PMF, support further fine tuning and help the product to launch. We create first impressions for customers using a prototype. We collect customer Feedback consequently improving the product before it even launches. Developing a product market fit is a constant challenge therefore creating permanent innovation.
Sales Performance Management
A complex and holistic sales performance strategy is the basis of every successful business model. We do not regard marketing, sales and product management different and independent divisions but as a connected unit. Hence we create harmony between the disciplines and enhance the overall performance. Our customer oriented approach is also preparing you for the specific customer needs while boosting your efficiency. The main goal is to create a successful sales performance structure.