Corporate MVP-Builder

Fast market placement - Minimum Viable Product

With the help of the Lean-Start-up method we help you to implement your business idea as quickly as possible and bring it to market. The Minimum Viable Product creates clarity as to whether there is a market for a product, a service or a new business idea.

From the idea to the launch, we support you in every phase of product development as your personal tech backbone. Together with you, we create an MVP within the budget to generate immediate customer feedback. In order to create and design an MVP that is perfectly aligned with the wishes and ideas of the customer, our IT specialists work closely with the customer. This enables you to launch the product as quickly as possible and with minimal effort, and also to find out a lot about your target group and business model.

The customer feedback is also elementary for the further development of the MVP because otherwise there is a risk for our customer to develop products based on assumptions and thus miss the targeted market.

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Business Model Canvas
The Business Model Canvas helps to analyze and structure business ideas. The Business Model Canvas is used to check strengths and weaknesses of business ideas in order to analyze whether the implementation and execution are worthwhile from an economic point of view.
Wireframing is an important step in the screen design process. A wireframe is a schematic representation of a single page template. It facilitates the correct arrangement of the conceptual layout. Wireframes give a good impression of whether all necessary information and functions are available, whether the layout of the page is consistent and how the information is presented to the user. Wireframes are also the basis for initial specifications of the user interface, which are then passed on to the developers.
UX/UI Design
When implementing a product idea, a successful UI design is important to us. A successful UI design creates an enhanced user experience - UX - by making it more user-friendly when interacting with a product, service, environment or facility. Whether website, shop, software or mobile app, we turn digital products into a positive user experience and create happy users.
Click Dummy
The click dummy is an interactive prototype of a website, online shop or app. Thus the customer gets a first visual impression very early on. The user experience can also be tested, because the click dummy is an ideal prototype for the page structure as well as the wording of the navigation. Errors can be detected early on and corrected with correction loops, which in turn saves a great deal of time during development.
User Testing
User testing is an efficient method to filter out usability problems at an early stage and to determine user satisfaction. For this purpose, prototypes are tested with real users for their usability. Especially with a representative group of participants, the most accurate results can be achieved. The evaluation enables the collection of quantitative and qualitative data about the usability of the product.
Functional Concept
With the findings of the first analysis, a new or improved concept is developed. The functionality of the new concept is tested by first calculations or simulations, but first prototypes and tests can also be part of this phase. The concept development phase usually ends with a comparison of two or more concepts.
Software Product Development
The development phase is about writing code and implementing the design documentation into the actual software as part of the software development process. The software development team must ensure that the code meets both the software requirements specifications and the requirements of the stakeholders.