Corporate Venture

Growth through start-up innovation

Corporations and joint-ventures with start-ups are an excellent opportunity to increase own growth and innovative strength. We evaluate chances and risks of relevant start-ups and help you to form a strategic cooperation.

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Venturing programs
We focus on finding the right start-up for a strategic cooperation or participation and help to establish the initial contact. If you already have a potential target, we help you to evaluate a possible cooperation and weigh chances and risks. Following the evaluation we create a detailed framework paper which is the basis for a successful long term business relationship. At the same moment, our process excludes the risk of a strategic mismatch.
Our extensive network contacts allow us to screen potentials partners
Screening start-ups
The search for suitable start-ups presents a challenging task. Our extensive network contacts provide an insight into the dynamic and complex start-up culture providing the best possible consulting for our clients. Due to our individual consulting process we are able to perform necessary adjustments to emerging trends and respond quickly to rechnical, legal and economic changes.
Lean start-up practice
Using the lean start-up method, we help you to execute your business idea launch your product quickly. We accompany the whole development process: from the first idea and its design all the way to the final realisation. During the process we continually optimize the product even before it is launched. After your product is being launched, we collect as much customer feedback as possible, which allows us to draw conclusions regarding further development. We use an iterative testing process to determine key product values in order to deliver the best possible product.
Building ecosystems
We help you to create a start-up spirit for your company. New-work employee training teaches the mentality and approach of start-ups. With the help of our network of founders, we find suitable and individual solutions for all business areas. Using practical examples from relevant partners from teaching, research and practice we visualize start-up culture hus enable meaningful and practice-oriented further training for employees and managers.